Writing is a form of healing for me. Stories are medicine and a form of reclamation and resistance.


I consider myself more of a medicine maker and an artivist than a "writer". I write poetry, short stories, screenplays, plays, creative non-fiction, academic papers, news name it.


If you'd like samples of any of my work I am happy to send you something.  I'm also always willing to collaborate for anthologies and other collections.  I will interchange poems and excerpts on this page so please visit often!

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Notes from an 

Afro-Genderqueer 2

First Edition




The second volume of my brown, genderqueer anthology with blogs, essays, and articles addressing intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, anti-racist organizing, organizing within queer people of color/people of color communities, and much much more.






The first volume of my brown, genderqueer anthology.

A collection of my blogs, essays, and articles addressing intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, anti-racist organizing, organizing within queer people of color/people of color communities, and much much more.




















Excerpts from Notes from an Afro-Genderqueer volumes 1 and 2. It Includes writings on: Environmental Racism. Queering Food Justice. Dreamless visionaries. Master's Tools. POC anti-racist organizing and burnout. Occupy Oakland. The Ivory tower. Bilingual organizer/activist. Oppression and Organizing against obliviousness. 


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Liberatory Sustainability

This zine is required reading for the visionary students in the Exploring Food and Urban Change class at UT Austin. It includes writings on: The intersections of Survival and Sustainability. Decolonizing Gender. Queer and TransVisibility, Survival and Solidarity. Farmer's Markets, Food Forests and Gentrification. Roots of Black Survival and Sustainability.


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 Resource Guides

Queering Herbalism


Queering Herbalism and  Queering Herbalism Encyclopedia (Volume 1-3)


Contains commentary and resources about holistic healing with an anti-oppressive (namely anti-racist and pro-queer)framework and a lens toward a more historically accurate, complete and inclusive (decolonial) history of healing.


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Herbal Freedom School


Freedom Sessions 1 and 2


Smaller versions of the Herbal Freedom School webpage which is part of . It is a compilation of links, books, and articles about herbalism and other holistic healing modalities that complement it or intersect with it. It is an attempt to make herbal and holistic knowledge more accessible (again). 

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Saturn, Venus and Mars are a planetary chapbook trilogy.



Time. Reconciliation. Identity. Saturn is the ultimate teacher. These poems are mostly about the cultivation of identity.

An excerpt...

Blanketed: A  Poem about My Heritage

Brown. Rebel.
Marking "Other".
Refusing to be categorized
by a solitary color.

Ancestors closeted,
then buried,
But you demand
that I know them.


Dig them up.
Bone. By. Bone.
Resurrecting an abolished
So that you can disaffectionately
gaze at the display-
Acknowledging with a

"Yea. I guess I can see it."


While distant cousins
twisted-faced and cold-shouldered
say that I am not one of them.

I belong to the intersection
of countries-
forced to mate during colonialism,
to love matches, rape, violence, and


My heritage
one of protective
hiddenism and forgetfulness

Rolling of forked tongues
and cold understanding eyes
in one syllable




But what's in a tragedy?

I don't remember the
sounds of Africa,
the touch of the islands,
the sights of the Old Americas,
the smells of India,
or the taste of Europe.


In this country we must



On this surgically clean- white slate.
And my mother is tight-lipped
and accepting.

Why dig up the roots of an already felled tree?





Far more than love poems. Cosmic love letters and love letters to Self

An excerpt...

Comets and Cobwebs

Under the canopy of
Cosmic conundrum
there sits-Me
blanketed in-We
covered in cobwebs of memories

Silken,tactile, obstacular
ticklings of the past,

Bubbling brooks of yesteryear
beseeching me with whimsical
whispers and beckoning with
Aquamarine Arms

Tentacles tenaciously entangling
threads of me and you
"Usness" interwoven-
neatly nitted- and

I, numbed with reminiscence
novocained in recollection
sit a catacomb of catharsis

heart rooting through fingers and toes
loaning compassion, consistence and cognizance to
the fertile cosmos,

Your comet-tailed smile
scorching my inner sky
Singe-ing my soul

Your hiatus a catalyst of
heated heartburn

Endearing entropy
Consumptory coals
heaped in hippocampus

curtains of stars drawn closed.
Final Act. Fade to black-hole.

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