Co-Visionaries Welcome


I 'm living in Puerto Rico for an extended, if not indefinite, amount of time and doing some much needed healing, researching histories, and writing full-time. I accepted an amazing residency at Patio Taller in San Juan and I've been working on Resistencia: Sangre and will be developing and facilitating workshops based on main themes of the book. I'm also working on the Putting Down the Master's Tools zine, Herbal Freedom School 3 and Queering Herbalism 2 and working on skillshares and workshops based on them as well..


I want to raise enough funds to sustain myself  (food, housing, transportation, medication), so I have three options in exchange for your offerings: An E- Book club, a sustainer's circle, and workshops/skillshares. If you'd just like to donate you can donate here.












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AfroVisionary E-Book Club

You have 5 choices:

*indicate in the notes which you are purchasing.


$10   Essentials Collection- Notes from An Afro-Genderqueer 1&2 Excerpts

$15   Philosophactivist Collection- Philosophactivism 1&2, Master's Tools zines

$20  Afro-Genderqueer Collection-Notes from An Afro-Genderqueer 1&2,          Philosophactivism 2

$25  Warrior-Healer Collection- Queering Herbalism, Herbal Freedom Schools

$30  AfroVisionary Collection-All writings





*indicate in the notes which you are purchasing.



Visionary Sustainer's Circle      



You can choose to contribute to Community Supported Artivism. As a co-visionary and sustainer  you can make a one-time or a recurring monthly contribution.  In exchange you will be e-mailed glorious, liberatory zines, books, and resource guides each month you contribute!


$5     Artivist- 1 zine

$10   Philosophactivist - 2 zines

$15   SuperQueero- 1 book, zine

$20  Warrior-Healer - 2 books or zines and an herb guide a month

$25   Visionary - monthly zine/ 3 books or zines a month





*indicate in the notes which you are purchasing.





 'Putting Down the Master's Tools: Using Our Words, Stories, and Art to Queer Social Justice'  which I recently presented at the 5th Annual Del Otro La'o coloquio at the University or Puerto Rico- Mayaguez.

For more information, go HERE.


Healing from Internalized Oppression- internalized oppression destroys friendships, families, communities and movements. We need to deal with it before it consumes us. We will focus on release and healing through dialogue, writing, and ceremony.



Freedom Schools-  


Sustainability and Sankofa- series on basics of liberation and social permacutulture, food and environmental justice, herbalism centered around brown histories.  We will focus on connecting to ancestral knowledge, our agrarian histories and history of "environmentalism", the truth about Reconstruction, POC farmers and land dispossession. It's basically that workshop on 'sustainability' with racial analysis and actual dialogue on systemic oppression, white supremacy within the 'sustainable movement' and our influential roles within the food/environmental movements that you have been hoping for- or at least that I always dreamed of.


History of Queer and Brown Healers- we need to know the history of our healers and medicine. We will focus on our legacy and our place in the legacy of queer and brown healers.


Herbal Skillshare- sharing skills and knowledge about herbal and holistic medicine.









Contact me for more information on workshops/skillshares and any other questions you might have.


Thanks so much for considering being a co-visionary and supporting this journey I'm on to learn about suppressed histories, reclaiming our birthright and, in doing so, not only healing myself but also sharing  with those of us needing to heal from oppression and marginalization in our communities.