About Toi

Why, hello again. Check out some of Toi's writing below.

Toi is an ordinary superhero. A native Texan, currently living in Borikén/so-called Puerto Rico. They are a non-binary, knowledge and medicine keeper and making medicine of  many varieties ranging from:


  • author and journalist

  • plays and performances

  • spoken word and poetry

  • filmmaking and visual art

  • plant medicine

  • facilitator of liberation healing spaces

  • health justice advocacy

  • food and environmental justice activism

  • anti-racist and anti-oppression organizing

  • workshop, knowledge sharer

  • curriculum development 


Toi is also a community builder and organizer with QTIPOC/BIPOC communities  (queer/trans and intersex people of color/ black indigenous people of color) and co-creator of the School of Liberation Healing and Medicine which houses the Herbal Freedom School, BIPOC Communiversity and QTPOC Healing Histories and Queering Herbalism programs which focus on liberatory medicine and decolonial health and healing, acknowledging indigenous black and brown healing histories.


They have previously published writings on race, gender, healing and illness and have been published in:
  • People of Color Organize!,
  • Racialicious,
  • Black Girl Dangerous,
  • WildGender.com,
  • Decolonizing Yoga
  • Trans Bodies, Trans Selves
  • the Scavenger 
  • Examiner.com,
  • the Dallas Voice,
  • BlaqOut Dallas,  and various other media outlets and online publications.

Toi's current writings, compilations and projects include Queering  Herbalism and the Herbal Freedom School sessions, the Philosophactivism and Liberatory Medicine Making zines and their previous writings include  Notes from an Afro-Genderqueer 1 and 2 and  two black and brown, radical, genderqueer plays and novels called The Genderqueer Files: La Qolectiv@ and Resistencia: Sangre.

Toi's writings are a discourse on the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and organizing for economic, food, health and gender justice as a gender non-conforming, queer person of color at the intersection of marginalized identities.

Over the past ten years,  Toi has decided to ignore society's norms, crush boxes, rip off labels, and just BE and invites you to join them on their journey for healing, TRUTH, and transformation.


"I write not for entertainment's sake, but to help those who have been oppressed and who have felt invalidated, misunderstood, silenced and voiceless to know and be in their power. I hope that through some of my musings, mis/adventures, experiences and life journey that you will be able to see a little of your story in mine, that my words will resonate and that you'll be able to speak your own Truth, be in your Power and continue to help others rediscover their power as well."





Genderqueer Street Philosophactivist
Genderqueer Street Philosophactivist

My blog about my experience at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. I also discuss grassroots organizing as a queer person of color, academia, health and wellness and more.


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Herbal Freedom School Webpage
Herbal Freedom School Webpage

A webpage dedicated to providing free and accessible information about herbalism and holistic healing with a queer, brown and anti-oppressive perspective.


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People of Color Organize
People of Color Organize

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