Notes from an Afro-Genderqueer volume 2- 1st ed.

Notes from an Afro-Genderqueer volume 2- 1st ed.

The second volume of the brown, genderqueer anthology Notes from an Afro-Genderqueer with blogs, essays, articles and poetry addressing intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, anti-racist organizing, organizing within queer people of color/people of color communities, organizing for food and health justice,economic justice, and much, much more.
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    Table of Contents

    Thoughts from a QPOC

    I. Identity
    On Being and Belonging
    Winning or Woes in the Workplace
    The Thing about Poverty
    Overworked and Underpaid...what else is new?
    Post-Racial Who?

    II. For Co-Visionaries' Eyes Only
    Visionaries don't need to Dream
    I'm not Doing this for my Health

    III. Race, Gender and Sexuality...the Usual Suspects
    Gender Poem
    De-Colonizing Gender in our Q/POC community...
    Shades of Masculinity: On Masculinity, Strength, Perceptions of Power, and Desireability
    Oppression and Austin: Drag Performance, Racism, Misogyny and Transphobia

    IV. Just Justice
    Not interested in sitting at your table
    Environmental Racism
    Food Justice Part 1: The Color of Food Justice

    V. Healing
    Countering Racism and Oppression in Holistic Healing
    Why the world needs more QPOC/POC herbalists and healers
    With or Without Me
    My healing story

    *100 pages of goodness