Queering Herbalism


In 2013, I started the Queer Herbalism blog and Herbal Freedom School webpage as an effort to provide access to resources about holistic healing with an anti-oppressive (namely, anti-racist and pro-queer and trans) framework with a more accurate, complete and inclusive (decolonial) history of healing.

 Queering Herbalism volume one discusses the inaccessibility of modern western herbalism and the importance of the decolonization of modern western herbalism and the necessity of working from an anti-oppression framework. It explores:



- Traditional indigenous healing 

- Two-spirit healers and traditions

- Medicine making

- Flower essences

- Radical brown health and healing





The first edition is over 150 pages.

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The  Queering Herbalism Encyclopedia reflects a deepening and asks readers to journey deeper into plant medicine and the wisdom of black and brown ancestors. We walk farther away from "modern western herbalism" and deepen our connection to healing practices, spirituality, cultural and historical context, and the stories behind different traditions' relationship to plants. In this volume there are sections dedicated to:


- Understanding  and partnering with plants

- Traditional indigenous healing

- Ceremony and ritual

- Medicine making

- Queer and Gender Non-Conforming Healers and Healing

- Women* healers, feminine healing energy and resistance

- Healing ourselves from historical trauma and internalized oppression



Special edition copies are available of the African and African Diasporic Healers and Women• healers, feminine healing energu and resistance versions. The information is now shared  shared with more guidance in the interactive Herbal Freedom School online knowledge shares.




     A Communiversity

The School of Liberation Healing and Medicine is a space where we can share knowledge about suppressed black, brown, queer, two-spirit, transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary healing histories. We root ourselves in an anti-racist, decolonial framework and center marginalized perspectives on health and healing. We focus on indigenous ways of knowing and being, attempt to unlearn harmful western 'scientific' supremacy and spend time honoring our ancestral medicine and the medicine of our stories.


At the school we have two programs: The Herbal Freedom School Program and the Queering Herbalism Program.


Both programs provide an anti-racist, pro-trans/NB/GNC & queer space where we can share about our ancestors’ medicine and healing- connect with indigenous black and brown healing histories and legacies, talk about liberatory medicine and decolonial health and healing, and connect to the medicine of ceremony and ritual. We focus on finding our own medicine and strategize ways to heal ourselves and each other from historical trauma for individual and collective liberation.


Learn more about the Herbal Freedom School Here.


QTIBIPOC Futures: A Medicine Circle

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A circle for QTIBIPOC to BE, witness, and share medicine stories and remedies.

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