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A collaborative based in Borikén (so-called Puerto Rico) supporting the health, healing and wellness of afro-indigenous queer and trans boricuas through dance, healing circles, ceremony.

Liberatory Medicine Making/Medicina Liberadora Series (2017-2020)

A new zine series where we go IN on liberatory medicine, liberation and decolonial healing, black and brown ancestral healing traditions and much more.



Herbal Freedom School zines (2012-2014)


This “freedom session” is a smaller version of the Herbal Freedom School webpage which is part It is a compilation of links, books, and articles about herbalism and other holistic healing modalities that complement it or intersect with it. It is an attempt to make herbal and holistic knowledge more accessible (again).


The Herbal Freedom page and zines are not meant to be exhaustive or definitive. They are a few steps on the revolutionary journey. There's a lot out there. *Please verify by cross-referencing with other sources and remember there is no one way to come at this healing work and for this reason there's a lot of seemingly contradictory information. Hopefully this will be a catalyst for folks to begin/continue on their path and even collaborate with others within the movement.

Freedom Schools, Knowledge Shares and Medicine Shares



Putting Down the Master's Tools: Using Our Words, Stories, and Art to Queer Social Justice  which I presented at the 5th Annual D'el Otro La'o coloquio at the University or Puerto Rico- Mayaguez.

For more information, go HERE.



Healing Ourselves from Historical Trauma and Internalized Oppression- internalized oppression destroys friendships, families, communities and movements. We need to deal with it before it consumes us. We will focus on release and healing through dialogue, writing, and ceremony.


QTPOC Healing Legacies: The Medicine of Our Stories- we need to know the history of our healers and medicine. We will focus on our legacy and our place in the legacy of queer and brown healers.



Liberatory Sustainability/Sustainability and Sankofa- series on basics of liberation and social permacutulture, food and environmental justice, herbalism centered around brown histories.  We will focus on connecting to ancestral knowledge, our agrarian histories and history of "environmentalism", the truth about Reconstruction, POC farmers and land dispossession. It's basically that workshop on 'sustainability' with racial analysis and actual dialogue on systemic oppression, white supremacy within the 'sustainable movement' and our influential roles within the food/environmental movements that you have been hoping for- or at least that I always dreamed of.


Queering Healing


Liberatory Ancestal Healing and  Medicine-

we discuss the power of indigenous, black, and brown healing histories and ways of knowing and being .


TransVisibility, Survival and Solidarity

'Nuff said.

Liberatory Medicine Making: we learn to partner with plants for Inner Peace and Liberation.